Info for XPO gaming convention in 2016

The long-awaited XPO convention 2016 is finally just around the corner. This year’s convention is set for September 23-25th, 2016, at the Cox Business Center, 100 Civic Center.

What is XPO?

XPO is a convention for gamers, fans, developers and game industry leaders. Every year thousands of gamers meet in Tulsa for the expos, panels and speakers, and a sneak peak at new gaming technology.

However, that’s not all, there’s so much happening each year, here’s what you can expect:

1) LegionBattles 10K, a $10,000 Rocket League tournament live on the expo floor.
The ultimate showdown starts the first two days with the finals and ceremony on the 25th.

2) Live Music
Not only live music, some of the top gaming musicians like “Mega Ran” will be performing.

3) Table Top Games
Always a variety of exciting games to play

4) Keynote Speakers
So far, the keynote speaker will be Tramell Isaac, and they will be adding a more soon.

5)Great Panels
This year will have a big line-up of panelists to make things interesting.

6) Cosplay Contests
Always great fun every year that we can look forward to.

7) Retro Gaming Lounge
All retro gaming fans will be treated to the original Nintento Playstation prototype, including a panel with the owner ( and much more!).

8) Concert at the end of every night
-The night will end with concerts that spill out across some of the best clubs in Tulsa with live music from top gaming musicians.

Tickets aren’t available for sale yet, but you can keep an eye out on, the daily schedule is available on the main page.

Check out this page to keep an eye on all the guests, panelists and speakers coming this year:

With everything going on this year the XPO convention is going to be great fun, don’t miss out! Make sure to keep checking the home page for when tickets become available as I’m sure they will sell quick.

Animal Jam Makes It Easy for Players to Form Gaming Camaraderie

The social aspect of Animal Jam doesn’t stop with emoji’s and advanced chat systems, the games themselves make competition fun and exciting. The games allow players to compete in friendly competitions. Playing games allows players to earn in game currency, and spend them enhancing their player. Easy to use online cheats tool for Animal Jam is very common that users can decide to use or not use to gain more diamonds. The player’s ranking at the end of the game is what determines the players total amount of in game currency earned. These games like Animal Jam bring players together, and allow for players to have fun with other online players.

Adventures with buddies

Interaction doesn’t just happen in small mini-games, but also while wandering around the game. Players who bump into each other can become buddies, and like Facebook friending, they will save the buddy to their contacts. Buddies are a great way for players to make friends, and keep them.

All the top Sims Freeplay tricks you can perform on select devices

However there are a number of tricks that you can find on the Internet, like actually changing the time on the phone so you can speed up the game. The game offers some of the previous features like buying pets (dogs, cats), a popular Woohoo, a variety of jobs such as firefighters scientists players.

There is also the possibility of buying the online shop-in like the other games on Android. Getting Lifepoints and free money to spend in Sims Freeplay is possible with hacks and cheats. Although it says that the game requires Android version 2.0 and will still need a better version or a lot of memory in order play, users say that the game works perfectly on phones like Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini or LG Optimus L7 II.